Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBMetrics?

NBMetrics is an app for NationBuilder designed to simplify the process of understanding the complex financial data from your nation. By presenting your financial data in easily digestible graphs, charts, and other data visualizations, NBMetrics helps you quickly identify key trends and make data-driven decisions to help increase your impact.

What do I get with my Subscription?

With a subscription to NBMetrics you will have full access to your detailed financial report. You can download reports as PDF and download tabulated data from charts and graphs as a CSV. Reports are updated every 24 hours, so that your data is always fresh.

How does the app integrate with NationBuilder?

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to enter your nation slug and connect NBMetrics to your nation. This process is quick and easy, and only takes a few clicks. Once your nation is connected, your first report will be ready within 24 hours. From there, financial data is synced from your nation via NationBuilder’s API once every 24 hours.

How long do my reports take to set up?

Once you sign up, your first report should be ready within 48 hours. We’ll send you an email once your first report is ready to go. After that, your report will automatically be updated once every 24 hours.

What if I have more than 150,000 donation records?

By default, NBMetrics will sync up to 150k donation records. If you have more than 150k records, you should get in touch with us to inquire about an Enterprise plan which would give you the ability to sync more than 150k records.

Why isn’t Invoice data included in NB Metrics reports?

NationBuilder’s API does not provide access to Invoice transaction data. Additionally, we’ve seen NationBuilder move away from supporting the Invoicing feature. We recommend using Donation (v2) pages to process any and all transactions in your nation, even for non-donation related transactions (for example, when selling tickets to an event). NBMetrics allows you to filter transactions by tracking code so you can easily segment donations vs. ticket sales and other types of online payments you may accept through Donation (v2) pages.

What is Paddle? Why are my NBMetrics Invoices issued by Paddle?

There’s a lot of complicated global banking, sales tax regulations, and logistics in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like NBMetrics. Paddle provides the payment infrastructure we use for NBMetrics — they take care of the complicated back-office work, so we can stay focused on delivering a great product. You can learn more about Paddle here.

What is Looker Studio?

Google Looker Studio is a data and visualization tool that helps power NBMetrics. It’s what we use to help turn your data into fully customizable informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read and share.